Special Notices

Spring garden helpers

Solid Waste Department of City of Pasadena will be selling Backyard Compost Bins at the Victory Park Market on Apr 16th. come learn how it works, purchase the worms from our alternating vendors with garden bugs(Ladybugs Forever or Compost Tea Guy that help your plants, and watch the plants grow.

Those Specailty Items You Crave

As well as all those great fresh fruits and veggies we have been serving up for 35 years now, you can also get those great food-artisanal items you expect at the one-stop shop. We have the regular breads from three great bakers, also West Coast Fish and Watkins Cattle Company make good choices for your needs. You can get ice creams (Mother Moo Creamery), oils and cheeses (Uncle Berch), mustards and jams (Mark & Stephens), Sconeage Bakery NOW BRINGS in coffee to have with your morning scone, Domenicos International Foods alternates Go Spiral, and Dave's Korean BBQ&Kimchee. Dr Chocolat makes either dessert or breakfast items for your start or end of day. Check these folks out on your next visit.

Newsletter bi-monthly

 If you are interested in learning about interesting things happening at our markets, click on the link at the top InfoBar and sign up to receive the letter. we have info every couple months with crop info and some recipe or other info we think you might want to know.

Wanting more info on all the growers and food artisians?

This site will be updating in the next few weeks, so many changes have occurred since we did this last. Watch for the updated listing!