Welcome to The
Pasadena Certified
Farmers' Market

If you have never been to a Farmers' Market,
you are in for a real treat.

You'll love the experience of buying directly from the farmer that grows the food. What you'll love even more is the fresh, delicious taste of locally grown, nutritious fruits, vegetables and farm products.

We also have other vendors offering jams, jellies, fish, and more, but we do not permit craft vendors.

The Pasadena Certified Farmers' Markets include the Villa Park Center, open Tuesdays, and Victory Park, open Saturdays, in Pasadena, California

About Our Vendors

Our certified vendors only sell what they grow--
or, to say it another way, they won't sell you anything that they did not grow. You know where your food came from, and who grew it for you!

There are usually about 13 vendors on Tuesdays at Villa Parke Center, and as many as 40 at Victory Park on Saturdays.

The market is cash only, and we accept EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer). 

We are open rain or shine.

Now Celebrating 35 Years!
Thank you Pasadena!

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